For tests, there are detailed professional guidelines for writing multiple choice questions. There are also legal standards that every question must meet to be valid. Finally, there are specific procedures used to set each test's pass/fail score.


For interviews, there are also professional guidelines and legal standards for writing, administering, and rating interview questions. All validation guidelines and standards are designed to ensure the tests and interviews are as fair and unbiased as possible.




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1. Questions to help understand your unique needs:
  • Were the test/interview questions written with the help of job experts?
  • How is the test/interview used? (Hiring? Promotion? Skills-based compensation?)
2. Examples of typical client results:
  • Tangible results such as increased legal defensibility
  • Intangible results such as improved employee acceptance of the testing process and results
3. Explanations of the value-add of partnering with Klawsky Consulting:
  • Typical payback period < 6 months
  • 30 years experience providing Validation solutions


  What does it mean to legally validate a test or interview?


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When partnering with Klawsky Consulting to Validate your Tests and Interviews, here's what you can expect in the first meeting: