What skill sets are most in need of development?


For entry-level Supervisor and Manager positions, the biggest development need is how to shift from being the 'job expert' to being the Supervisor or Manager; it's a different way of thinking about the work.


For technical positions, problem solving skills often need development; especially when dealing with complex machinery.




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1. Questions to help understand your unique needs:
  • What is your most important reason for improving workforce skills? (Help grow your company? Increase productivity? Improve customer satisfaction?)
  • What technical and/or soft skills need to be developed?
2. Examples of typical client results:
  • Tangible results such as quality improvements
  • Intangible results such as better able to meet customer demands and grow the business
3. Explanations of the value-add of partnering with Klawsky Consulting:
  • Typical payback period < 6 months
  • 30 years experience developing workforce skills tests and assessments

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When partnering with Klawsky Consulting to Test and Develop Workforce Skills, here's what you can expect in the first meeting: