When partnering with Klawsky Consulting to reduce Employee Turnover, here's what you can expect in the first meeting:
  • Lost productivity from low performance (absenteeism, below-standard production and quality)
  • Lost Supervisor productivity dealing with employee performance problems
  • Lost co-worker productivity and overtime costs needed to 'take up the slack' for employee problems
  • Customer dissatisfaction caused by low-performance employees (quality problems, redo’s)
  • Time/expenses to find new hires (recruiting, interviewing, reference checking, drug testing, administration)
  • Training and ramp-up time for new hires

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1. Questions to help understand your unique needs:
  • What is the biggest impact of employee turnover at your company?  (Low productivity? High overtime costs? Customer dissatisfaction?)
  • What Predictive Hiring tools do you use to hire employees?  (Are they valid?)
  • How do you keep employees engaged at work?  (Do Supervisors provide adequate recognition? How are Supervisors trained?)

For entry-level positions, about 50% of annual salary; or $20,000/turnover. The most significant costs come from a 25%-50% decrease in productivity and quality.




2. Examples of typical client results:
  • Tangible results such as cost reductions and quality improvements
  • Intangible results such as meeting customer demands and growing the business
3. Explanations of the value-add of partnering with Klawsky Consulting:
  • Typical payback period < 6 months
  • 30 years experience reducing Employee Turnover by up to 50%

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  What are typical employee turnover costs?