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Each IT MSP Turnover Costs

50% - 200% of the Employee's Annual Salary




 Poor Performance & Turnover are Surprisingly Expensive



 IT MSP Case Study



Solution: Science-Based MSP Hiring & Manager Promotion Processes



 All Process Components are Validated, Well-Defined, and have a Specific Purpose 

Key Takeaways:

              If you spend too much time on staffing problems and not enough time growing your MSP, then the most likely cause is bad                                        hiring and manager promotion decisions.


The Science of Superior IT MSP Hiring & Manager Promotions


Practical Advice From 30 Years as a Hiring Advisor



More Scientific Hiring Case Studies


Example Scientific MSP Hiring Process



Four IT MSP Scientific Hiring Ingredients



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Example Scientific MSP Manager Promotion Process



 IT MSP Infographic




Traditional Formulas Overemphasize Technical Skills and Underemphasize Job Competencies such as 'Initiative' and 'Quality Focus'



More Information About Scientific IT MSP Hiring & Manager Promotions



 IT MSP Staffing Problem: High Cost of Poor Performance & Turnover


    100 years of scientific research unequivocally proved that 80% of turnover can be traced back to bad hiring and manager promotion                 decisions.  Science-based hiring quickly reduces turnover by up to 50% (find out why below).



Root Cause: Incorrect Hiring Formulas Lead to Most Bad Hiring Decisions