Use the 3x Power of Customized Predictive Hiring

Optimize & Sustain Workforce Productivity / Decrease Turnover

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At a cost of $12,000/turnover for typical entry-level positions, the impact of employee turnover is substantial.  A tailored Predictive Hiring solution (including Millenial recruiting strategies and retention tactics) minimizes turnover because Top, Middle, and Bottom-tier candidates are accurately identified; and 'gut feelings' about candidates are eliminated.

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Comply with Legal and Professional

Validation Standards

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               Customized Solution

  • Test and Interview Editing to Meet Legal and Professional Standards
  • Validation of Pass/Fail Scores
  • Validation of Interview Rating Criteria

Do This...Not That

Increase Skills / Develop High-Potentials

Identify and Retain Top Talent During Merger/Acquisition/Downsizing

Identifying and retaining the best employees during turbulent times is essential for success. The best retention decisions result from using an employee assessment process that is comprehensive, fair, and tailored to your company's unique culture.

               Customized Solution

  • Comprehensive Employee Assessment Process
  • Statistically-Sound and Valid Employee Rating and Ranking Process
  • Objective Criteria to Make Final Retention Decisions

Legal challenges to hiring and promotion decisions often result in overwhelming legal fees and time expenditures. Compliance with legal and professional testing and validation standards increases standardization and reduces bias; both of which are essential for reducing candidate motivation to challenge hiring and promotion decisions.  

                Customized Solution

  • Skill-Based Aptitude Tests and Hands-On Assessments
  • Assessment Center Exercises (for High Potentials)
  • Developmental Feedback and Coaching (for High Potentials)

                Customized Solution

  • Predictive Hiring Tools and Procedures
  • Interviewer Training & Coaching
  • Millennial Recruiting Strategies
  • Employee Engagement and Retention Tactics

Maximize Legal Compliance for Workforce Hiring & Promotion Decisions

Develop Top Workforce Talent

Maintain Workforce Effectivess During Transition

White Papers and Case Studies

What is Your Company's Top Workforce Priority?

Practical Advice Based on 30 Years Experience

80% of turnover is caused by bad hiring

decisions...Harvard Business Review

Klawsky Consulting is a boutique Business Psychology consulting firm with a long track record of successfully implementing Strategic Workforce Solutions that optimize and sustain workforce effectiveness. By using highly scientific tools and methodologies, job candidates who will succeed as employees are identified, current employees who will be effective leaders are recognized, and legal risks are managed with defensible validation strategies; all without disruption to current workforce effectiveness levels and with shorter payback periods than almost any other solution. For 30 years we have worked in tandem with clients to achieve their strategic business goals and realize the full potential of their most important resource--their people.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

In school, 70% is passing...

In business, passing scores are often <70%

The best employee typically won't be the best Supervisor

(ex: Michael Jordan won't be a great coach)

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Procedural Fairness is a critical

factor for a successful transition

Constant competition demands continuous improvement of

workforce skills.  Skills testing, training assessments, and High Potential Employee identification and development are a few of the ways to maintain a competitive edge.

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